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Mindful practices for mindful and responsible leaders. Our philosophy focuses on four principles:

1) Know what you want

2) Find someone who wants the same thing

3) Help that person get what they want

4) Spend some time rejoicing about what you did


A yogiCEO wants to Live Life with Passion and Care, open to the World, eager to build Bridges of Peace and Understanding around the Globe.

Why Yogi ?

Yoga is better known for its physical exercises that keep us in good health.

But for a YogiCEO, it is does not stop there.

Yogi or Yogini refers to the free, passionate and caring spirit;

- A spirit free of dogma and sectarianism; a spirit that can project itself into the future and imagine it.

- A spirit free to explore and build bridges between cultures in the world by adopting multiple perspectives.

- A spirit free to create understanding and symbiosis among cultures; a spirit that is not driven by a feeling of superiority, control or dominance.

- A spirit which feel responsible for the environment, and for local communities; a spirit that understands and senses our global interconnection.

- A spirit which cares, especially for those who need help; a spirit that realizes that the world has to work for everyone, without any exception.

In other words, a yogi is a Global Citizen who creates platforms of connection.

Why CEO ? 

CEO is better known for its corporate connotations. However, we are proposing to apply all these authentic qualities of responsibility, leadership and creativity of a CEO to the very goals of caring and connection we described above. What if we combined the values that drive a Yogi to those that drive a CEO? How would these holistic values help us think outside the box?